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Home ”What is History? 

An unending dialogue between 
the present and the past.” 

EH Carr, historian



1. History helps us to understand who we are.

History offers information about how we behave. We use what we know about the past to evaluate and analyse political change and technological innovation.

2. History helps us to understand why we are who we are.

History allows us to understand the factors that cause change and to comprehend what elements prevail in spite of change. We evaluate present-day trends and endeavour to ascertain which determinants set them in motion.

3. History helps us to question values and ethics.

History offers information about how people and societies behave.

We learn to see human life and societies from a different perspective.

4. History helps us to find alternatives.

History enables us to deal with and to assess various kinds of arguments. We build experience in assessing evidence and evaluating past examples.

5.History helps us to acquire a wide range of skills.

History improves speaking and writing skills, develops research skills and forms a critical mind.



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